About Us

Reliance Jio was launched in 2016 to empower every Indian with affordable access to a digital life—a gateway to the world—enabled with the world’s best digital technologies. Today, Jio has not only ushered in a digital revolution across India, in how Indians connect to the world, but also in how India will go on to shape the digital future.

India’s digital journey can be described in two eras: The era before Jio and the era after Jio. Before Jio’s launch, India ranked 155th in mobile data consumption. In less than a year after Jio’s launch, India catapulted to number ONE in the world in mobile broadband data consumption. Led by Jio, India has surpassed countries such as the USA and the UK in mobile data consumption.

Today, Jio is the largest operator in India and the 2nd largest single-country operator in the world, offering services such as connectivity, fibre, mobile devices, apps, and business solutions.

Jio’s services span across

Government to
Citizen (G2C)
Smart Cities

Innovation Unleashed

Jio's DNA is wired for disruption. We shattered the internet landscape with 4G, brought connectivity to the airwaves with JioFiber, and now, we're blazing a trail in 5G. This isn't just about tech; it's about unleashing possibilities for you, our talented team, and every corner of India.

Bridging the Digital Divide

At Jio, we believe digital bridges shouldn't have distance limits. Our network spans the nation, weaving threads of connection that empower even the most remote communities to thrive in the digital age. It's about bringing people closer, one click at a time.

Customers in the Spotlight

We don't just serve customers; we obsess over them. From intuitive apps to responsive support and a rock-solid network, everything we do is laser-focused on exceeding expectations. Your voice fuels our innovation, your trust guides our journey.

Beyond Business, Beyond Limits

Jio's vision is bigger than balance sheets. We're committed to shaping a better future through initiatives that bridge the education gap, nurture healthcare, and protect our environment. The Jio Foundation is our canvas, painting positive change across communities.

Join the Jio Movement

Joining Jio means becoming part of a brand that's not just changing the game, it's redefining the future. It's about being a catalyst for progress, empowering millions, and leaving a lasting legacy.
Are you ready to be part of this transformative journey?