Jio Brand Journey

Jio's story isn't just about lines of code and fiber optic cables; it's a saga of transformation, empowerment, and redefining possibilities. It's a journey where a brand went from a market disruptor to a national digital catalyst.

FY 2016-17

A Spark Ignites

Jio enters the scene with a revolutionary proposition - affordable, accessible 4G data for all. It's a bold move, shaking up the established telecom landscape. The iconic "Dhan Dhana Dhan" campaign, with its infectious jingle and vibrant visuals, captures the essence of this transformation.

FY 2017-18

Breaking Barriers,
Building Connections

Jio's focus on affordability wasn't just a marketing gimmick; it was a mission. Data, once a luxury, became democratized, thereby enabling millions to connect, learn, and grow. From students in remote villages to entrepreneurs in bustling cities, Jio became the bridge to a brighter digital future.

  • Partnered with Reliance Retail to launch JioPhone
  • Helped transition more than 100 million 2G users to 4G

FY 2018-19

Beyond Speed,
Beyond Imagination

Jio opened the doors to a digital world for millions across India. By November 2019, it had already touched the lives of over 300 million, leaving a footprint no competitor could match.

  • Crossed the 300 million subscriber mark
  • Became the #1 mobile operator (Adjusted Gross Revenue)

FY 2019-20

Unifying Strengths to
Design the Future

Behold the birth of a digital titan, Jio Platforms Ltd., where technology, investment, and connectivity converge to power India's digital future.

  • Jio’s tech capabilities, investments and connectivity business consolidated into a single-holding company – Jio Platforms Ltd.

FY 2020-21

Partnering for Success

With every partnership, Jio weaves a finer thread into the digital fabric, seamlessly connecting people to possibilities across sectors and industries

  • Strategic partnerships with Facebook (now Meta), Google and others
  • Completed fund raising of INR 1,52,056 Crore across 13 investors
  • A completely indigenous end-to-end 5G solution designed and developed

FY 2021-22

Buckle Up, India! Jio's
Digital Engine is Revving Up.

The JioPhone Next, FTTH leadership, and growing connected homes signal a thrilling ride ahead as Jio transforms the way India connects and thrives.

  • JioPhone Next launched with Pragati OS
  • JioFiber became #1 FTTH provider in India
  • 5 million+ connected homes

FY 2022-23

Unlocking potential -
the 5G era begins

Get ready for the transformative power of Jio 5G.

  • Acquired the largest and most appropriate mix of wireless spectrum for 5G
  • Completed 5G coverage planning in top 1,000 cities
  • Jio True 5G to be launched across multiple key cities by Diwali