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Join Jio Business - Be a part of digital enablement of SMB businesses of India

Jio has changed the lives of millions of Indians. It has fundamentally transformed what internet access in India looks like for hundreds of millions of people.

Small and Medium Businesses are the foundation of our economy, and they are adopting digital technologies at a phenomenal rate. Jio want to partner with each business in India and move forward as one progressive nation. The goal is to digitally transform Small & Medium Businesses in India

Jio Business is looking forward for ambitious and dynamic people who would play a pivotal role in digital enablement and expansion of mid-market businesses in India. Join us if you are
1. Passionate about new age technology products and services
2. Keen to take challenges with ownership mind set
3. Goal oriented and intend to beat the sales targets
4. Having good communication skills and ability to convey thoughts effectively
5. Having prospecting, negotiation & closing skills

List of requirements:
  • Enterprise SAM - Mid-Market
  • SMB Team Lead - Mid-Market
To register your interest, please click on ‘Submit Interest’ and fill in the required details. Come and step into the future with us!

Come join the Digital Movement

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Account Manager ( 75328277 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market34, Jaipur, RajSales and Distribution | Posted 25 May 2023

Account Manager ( 75314206 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market25, Ahmedabad,Sales and Distribution | Posted 24 May 2023

Account Manager ( 75080411 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market6, Mumbai, MahaSales and Distribution | Posted 16 May 2023

Account Manager ( 74968168 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market15, Bangalore,Sales and Distribution | Posted 08 May 2023

Account Manager ( 74371792 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market22, Hyderabad,Sales and Distribution | Posted 07 Apr 2023

SMB Account Manager ( 69895155 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market29, DTC BuildinSales and Distribution | Posted 13 Jun 2022

SMB Account Manager ( 69652404 )

Enterprise SMB Mid-market12, Delhi, HarySales and Distribution | Posted 21 May 2022

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