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Jio is an upcoming provider of 4G mobile telephony, broadband services, and digital services in India. This includes host of like Jio Cloud, Jio Play, Jio Chat, Jio Money etc. Jio’s all IP 4G network consists of three major components:
  1. Access Network: Offers high speed access options to the customers
    1. LTE – High speed Data and VoLTE services are offered to the customers using tri-band frequency of 2300 MHz, 1800 MHz and 850 MHz
    2. Wi-Fi – High speed Internet and new VoWiFi services using IEEE 802.11 n standard are offered to customers
    3. FTTH – State of arts Fiber to the Home service working on latest GPON technology will offer Triple Play Services to customers
  2. Aggregation Network: Jio IP-MPLS backhaul is a comprehensive RAN backhaul solution that provides the foundation for LTE and Wi-Fi services using highly-scaled and highly available MPLS L3 VPN-based technology using high end devices from Cisco and other vendors. At redundant optical Layer, Jio is using state of the art transport technologies including OTN and DWDM.
  3. Core Network: Jio robust core including EPC, IMS and Wi-Fi core equipment empower the network to fulfil the requirement of voice and data processing for better customer experience.
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