We Care

Jio is a young and dynamic organization with a mission to Digitally Transform India.

We believe in making dreams a reality by bringing out the creativity and innovation in our employees.

We have a host of initiatives through which we care for our employees throughout their life at Jio.

Given ahead are our philosophies behind building a working environment that supports our employees in achieving the impossible every day.

Jio believes in celebrating life and all the important milestones in life. We support and encourage the employees to enjoy these special moments with their family and loved ones. To enjoy lovely beginning to a new chapter of life, we provide options like marriage loan and marriage leaves.

Every child is precious, so we ensure that our employees take some time off and spend those special moments by taking parental leaves for adoption, surrogacy or child birth. During the most crucial months of a childbirth, the expecting mothers can opt for special parking space for ease of commuting. Post childbirth, the new mothers can also opt for lesser working hours for six months, thus getting ample time to take care of the newborn without putting the career on hold. In some of our campuses employees can even get their kids to work and avail the crèche facility.

We recognize that our employees achieve the best because of the unconditional support extended by the family members. We invite employee family members to visit workplace to celebrate special events.

Jio believes in overall development of employees, both personally and professionally. We regularly invite industry leaders and prominent personalities to share their success stories, technology trends, industry insights and much more.

We believe learning is the way of life. Jio University ensures that each employee has various options available for continuous learning. Employees may choose from business, technology and leadership programs to achieve personal and professional goals. Jio University enables this by collaborating with various universities, institutes, professionals and digital content providers.

Jio values creativity and innovation. We provide an opportunity to each and every employee for presenting ideas, big or small, that can help in innovation and give new direction for decision making, transforming work culture, work environment, strengthen businesses and streamlines organization systems and processes. We recognize the achievements of our employees and bring out the best in everyone.

Jio believes in unlimited potential of life and is committed to inspiring everyone to lead healthier and enriched lives. We have a unique Emergency Response service for our employees and family members. These life protection services provide immediate response for a multitude of incidents and unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, vehicle breakdown or accidents.

We support our employees through thick and thin with medical, accident and life benefits. Some of our offices have fully equipped medical centers with company doctors and visiting consultants. Employees are encouraged to undergo Annual Health check-ups for a continued wellbeing.

Jio believes in living life. We believe in the approach of enjoying every moment at work. We encourage our employees to develop and pursue hobbies. Hobby clubs for various hobbies include music, dance, dramatics, photography, sports, arts and toastmasters.

We are enthusiastic about staying fit. Some of our offices are equipped with gymnasiums, yoga halls, aerobic halls, lawn tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts, football grounds and cricket grounds with professional coaches to guide the employees.

Jio believes in empowering people. Choices are given in various walks of life. Where ever job role permits, employees have flexibility to choose optional holidays and define own work timings.

Our philosophy of flat structure and inclusion is reflected in our open office designs. Our offices are ergonomically designed and are easy to access for everyone. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or gender.

We encourage our employees to be socially responsible. Our employees participate in donation drives, blood donation camps and various other social drives.

Our employees use carpool as well as public transport to reduce carbon footprint. Some of our offices provide cycles for employees as a Green travelling option.