How We Hire

We are always looking out for people who can bring fresh perspective and ideas in the team. If you are someone who loves to explore limitless opportunities, shares our enthusiasm of going the extra mile and would want to be a part of the Digital India Movement, then Jio is the place you need to be in!

Become part of Jio
in three easy steps


Job Search on Career Portal

Visit Jio Career portal and look for opportunities that match your qualification and interest. Jobs are listed by service line as well as geography. You may go through the Job Description and other relevant details mentioned thereon.

Online Application

Create your "Candidate Profile" and fill all the details of application process accurately. You will be asked to upload your resume. However, before you upload your resume make sure it's updated. Mentioned below are few tips on how to prepare your resume to increase your chances of being interviewed at Jio.

Resume Preparation

Your resume is the first slice of information that is seen by us, so make sure it provides great first impression of you:

Up to Date Resume

Make sure your resume is up-to-date with all your information and contact details. Summarize your education and employment experience. However, keep it brief and without any grammatical errors. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated with Career summary, Current role, education, experience, accomplishments, skills, recommendations, publications, patents and volunteer experience is suggested and you may attach a pdf of the same.

Highlighting qualifications

If you are applying for specific position, be sure to share important and relevant details.

Highlight your accomplishments and projects

Highlight your responsibilities and mention how you approached them and what you accomplished in carrying them out, that makes you stand out from other applicants. We would like to know about the projects in which you were substantially involved which highlights your skills. Using LinkedIn Profile format will ease your task in this section.University and recent graduates with limited work experience can mention about their university or school-related projects.

Voluntary work

Candidates may include any voluntary or extra-curricular activities which bring out the skills required for the job.

Review of Application

Our team here will review your resume against the qualifications required for the job. If they determine that you may be a fit, they will contact you to schedule a brief telephonic interaction. This is the chance to know more about the job role and us. If your profile does not match with the position, your resume will be saved in our database for future opportunities and you will be intimated suitably,



All at Jio go through an online aptitude test. This is an objective type test that measures your basic numerical, logical reasoning and language skills. Post that, depending upon type of job, functional/ technical tests are conducted. For leadership roles, psychometric tests are scheduled to help us understand your leadership style.


Our process involves two rounds of interviews. Each interview last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. The interview could be scheduled over telephone, Skype, Video conferencing or Face to Face in the nearest state office. The interviews are quiet intense with lots of brain-storming questions to help us to understand you better. Hence, be prepared to give it your best shot.

Interview Tips

How can you make a good first impression? Here are some helpful tips from our interviewers:

Be prepared

You need to prepare for a challenging interview. Be able to articulate how your strengths, work experience and career goals will enable you to succeed in our organization. It is not a secret that you can predict many of the questions you will be asked at the interview. So, plan and prepare your answers.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the field

Show us how you will use your skills and experience to the job? How would you improve and bring out innovation in the existing job? Quantify your answers - for example, how much % of target you have achieved in how much time?

Do your research

The most successful candidates have more than a surface understanding of our organisation, industry trends, the positions for which they are interviewing, the product they’d be working on, and the market for those products.

Be honest

Speak honestly and accurately about your experience and qualifications. Keep in mind, exaggeration or embellishing is a form of dishonesty—and it could do more to harm than good, to your career.

Ask questions

Thoughtful questions demonstrate your level of understanding, interest and passions, so don't hold back. This is your opportunity for you to get to know us.

What do we assess you on?

At Jio what matters is not what is on offer but what you can create with the fire of your ambition. You’ll have chance to demonstrate your ambition in various areas. There are number of criteria which we look for in a candidate:

Technical knowledge

This part of interview is to evaluate your ability to do the job. We look for high performers, who consistently deliver quality work while continually looking for ways to improve.

Behavioural Question

We ask open-ended question to understand how you approach and solve problems in a given situation. Such Questions focus more on experiences, knowledge, skills and abilities.


Jio believes in young leaders and is looking for more. You will be evaluated on your decision-making and communication skills. Be prepared to answer question related to situation where you have led a team and succeeded. Graduates can discuss about their university project where they were part of the team and might have stepped up as a project lead.

We are always looking for people with different perspectives, ideas and experiences to bring dynamism to the organisation. Thus, we encourage openness during interviews. You are free to ask questions related to organisation, job role, performance development, that will help you to decide whether this job is right for you or not. The questions you ask will show your interest towards the organisation and how well you are prepared for the interview.



After interviewing, feedback from the interview panel is compiled and reviewed. It's important that we make the right decision not only for our business, but for you as well. Hence, everything is reviewed minutely — this includes your resume, telephonic interview feedback, face to face interview feedback and also any interview tests/assignment you may have submitted. Your interview feedback is then discussed with senior management for final approval.


If you are selected, you will receive a phone call to extend a verbal offer. You will then receive a written offer via email requiring on your registered e-mail ID you to electronically accept the offer. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions and if you're happy with the offer, we'll look forward to welcome you on-board.


After you have accepted the offer and decided to join our organisation, you will be informed about the pre-boarding as well as joining formalities. Being the company that Jio is, our pre-boarding and On-boarding process is completely digital. We would share pre-reads and videos during this period so that you "Discover Jio" before you join us.