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About Us

Jio is a digital revolution reshaping the landscape of India.

We're not just connecting people, we're empowering them with the tools and opportunities to thrive in the digital age.

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Jio's core values are the guiding principles that underpin its culture and drive its success. They are woven into the fabric of Jio's culture and guide its every action. They inspire employees to do their best, drive innovation, and create a brighter future for India.

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Inclusion, sustainability, and customer centricity are not just buzzwords; they're guiding principles that shape every decision we make. From initiatives bridging the digital divide to green energy partnerships, Jio strives to make a positive impact on the world around it.

Our story is one of audacious vision and relentless execution. In 2016, we entered the market with a bang, offering unprecedented affordability and accessibility to high-speed internet. We broke down barriers, democratized data, and ignited a digital firestorm that continues to blaze across the nation.

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Jio isn't just about ground-breaking technology; it's about building a workplace where your well-being and growth are top priorities. Dive into our "We Care" philosophy, where employee satisfaction fuels innovation and success.

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Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our people principles at Jio. As an organization of the future, we are committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and supporting work environment that encourages, enables, and empowers every single member of the Reliance family to contribute and thrive.

How we hire

We are always looking out for people who can bring fresh perspective and ideas in the team. If you are someone who loves to explore limitless opportunities, shares our enthusiasm of going the extra mile and would want to be a part of the Digital India Movement, then Jio is the place you need to be in!

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Kick start your careers with Jio. Explore limitless opportunities and enable Digital Life in India

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Jio Platforms Limited

We are looking for passionate technologists to help us build Digital India. Are you ready to join hands?

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Join our Jio Point Team and be a part of the digital India Movement

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Enterprise Sales
Jobs-Mid Market

Join us and be a part of the digital enablement of small and medium businesses of India

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Let us take you for a Virtual Tour of our RCP Campus located in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

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Employee Testimonial

“After working for 30 years, I thought I'd seen it all, but the last five years have been an amazing learning journey. For me, it's a privilege to be part of a team that has created history. You know, the information communication, super highway that we have created at Jio has laid the basic foundation for taking the Indian economy to its desired levels. And I'm sure that this is only the first chapter in the book of creating history that Jio is making. We will see many more chapters unfolding as we go along. Look forward to that and look forward to enjoy working with Jio”.

Asit Shekhar

“We have disrupted the industry, we have driven societal impact. The Fortune magazine recognised us as a world leader in the 'Change the World' report in 2018. We are now at the next inflection point; we have a lot to achieve! I'm excited”

Ankur Walunjkar

“Reliance Jio has redefined the telecommunications landscape, and I am proud to lead the Premium Segment team. Jio's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction empowers us to deliver unparalleled services, setting new benchmarks in the industry. It's a privilege to contribute to Jio's journey, shaping the future of digital connectivity.”

Bhanu Gupta

“I have been in telecom industry last 24 years and I've seen the evolution of 2G to 3G & 3G to 4G and definitely, it is under the plan of prime minister Digital India initiative to transform India. And I hope this evolution from 4G to 5G will be game changer for India and definitely it will be Reliance Jio who will be launching this first in the market and getting the momentum.”

Kamal Bhatia

“Jio in India has unleashed unparalleled digital revolution with its world class digital network, giving its customer the best and the largest 4G service across India and happy and proud to say that the jio is the most preferred 4G player in Karnataka with 2.2+crore customers already on Jio's network in Karnataka and more and more joining every hour”.

Amitabh Bhatia

Awards & Accolades



AI: Ministry of IT & AICRA Best AI Application of the Year



HR Tech & TA: Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advances in Talent Acquisition Technology



SHRM HR Excellence Awards for Excellence in Talent Acquisition



Training: Economic Times Gold Award for Best Corporate Learning University



Brandon Hall Gold Award for Sales Capability Building



D&I: Economic Times Gold Award for Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion